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Love of God

Rule number 1. I am not God.

Rule number 2. God is God.

Rule number 3. I must try to learn to love God.

A very very very very wise man once said, that the whole world is looking to love God. I believe that this is a fundamental truth. He goes on to say that all of us are really in need of love, but we are ultimately stifled by lower levels of consciousness or love. This bites.

Another very very very very wise man who was the first wise man’s boss, and may continue to be so in one way or another states that the human condition is so low that the moment a human being endeavors for his happiness outside of God consiciousness, is when a prescription for suffering begins.

This is the central tenet of all religions. We must learn to love God. Somehow, along the way we have forgotten how. If we do so then we will naturally open up our love for our fellow men. So the idea here is we love God, and concentrate on loving him. So if you love God in your Jesus way. Sounds cool.

If I love God in my Jehovah way. Sounds Cool. The problem comes in when I try to make you love God in my Jehovah way, if you are a Vaisanava. The other problem is if I believe that you are going to hell because you don’t believe in my God. So when I condemn a person in my mind, I have already started my downfall, because oh yea! Rule number 1.

We must cut our central tendency to believe that we are God. When we do achieve rule number 3. Automatically we will not have to even think about Rule number 1. and Rule number 2.

All of us. ALL of Us need love. The best way to get it is to give it. Give love to God.

So how do we learn to love God? Another post, later on.


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