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Tony Stark Donates $10 Billion to SIA Center at Ground Zero

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October 25, 2010


Tony Stark Announces  the Grand Opening of his SIA center in New York at Ground Zero today announces the Stark Interfaith Alliance.

An amazingly pensive Tony Stark gathers today with some of the world’s most wealthy including Bill Gates, Larry Page, Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs among others as they each donate Billions to match in one of Tony Stark’s newer pet projects – Stark Interfaith Alliance.

In his address at this somewhat private affair, Stark talks about the importance of,

Building and tweaking and rebuilding the ‘Iron Man’ on the inside until its perfect. The moment you have the inner realization that the life in front of you is as important as your own you realize that you are on the right track.  It seems like a way to get everyone on the right page…The interfaith alliance is to challenge and bring together those leaders of each religious and spiritual dogma to come to a mutual understanding of how they can work together peacefully to understand God. The reason we are building this at Ground Zero is to send people like Bin Laden a message..We win…Now let’s go drink!

However, it was not all fun and games. When asked multiple times about his seemingly hypocritical creation of a weapon of destruction such as the Iron Man while at the same time finding a spiritual quotient, Stark’s reply was delivered with surgical precision,

The Iron Man is not a weapon that is used to destroy people who are serving God. It’s meant to destroy people who want to become God.

Other prominent people including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi commended Tony on this wonderful display of ‘introspection.’

Ironically entertainment ACDC’s Brian Johnson and Angus Young along with other band members opened the ceremonies with….well I guess you should just watch the video.

Pepper, Tony’s assistant offered no further comment.


NPR fires Juan for being a Scaredy Pussy Cat

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By a Very Smart Person.

When I was in high-school, I remember my friends(Andy P in particular) on my lacrosse team calling me ‘Camel Jockey, Sand Nigger and Towel Head,’ because I was brown, was a first generation South East Asian American, fairly smart, going to a nice college that had a pretty good Lacrosse Team…ehem Hopkins, and was headed to medical school. I found the attention….um lets say….deeply endearing and deeply concerning. It was ‘ok’ to get this kind of attention at first, but I realized that – granted my friends who’s developmental quotient was probably in the ranks of borderline mild intellectual disability and getting worse because of our association in football and lacrosse which lead to major concussions – the reason that they used these names was because of one thing. ‘Okay one things’, if used in an Indian accent – ignorance, fear, and the need for attention.

Number one, I have never seen a camel, and no one in my family had ever been to a desert um…EVER.

I am a Vaisnava, which really just believes that developing a true relationship with God is the point of life.

However, if I did come from the desert, which I heard can be really hot I would wear clothes that cover my body so I don’t get burned, cause that might help me to not get um….skin problems. I digress…

My family was not from a village, but a question that I was asked was , ‘why was a guy who was first generation American beating these guys academically and in Lax.’ Well Andy P,’ I said ‘Its cause I have Indian Culture and my parents grew up with lacrosse sticks in their hands, with red dots on their heads.’  Andy quickly smiled, ‘I love the red dot,’ but the rest were a bit slow at picking up on the entendre. Too many head to head contact injuries I suppose.

But then the other day I hear about this guy named…um…Martin Luther King. He may have said,

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truth to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.

And then the other day I also read about this guy Juan Williams.

‘“…when I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous”?

Really Juan. So what if someone said, “identifying themselves first and foremost as white men.” I bet you would not get pissed at all. This is reasonable.

‘White men are scary, right?’ Don’t say that to your people at Fox!

But if someone said,

“…when I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Black garb and I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Black, I get worried. I get nervous”?

I think you would get pissed. I think you would go as far as to maybe fire them?

Or even take away the race card,

“…when I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Christian garb and I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Christian, I get worried. I get nervous”?

I think you would get pissed. I think you would go as far as to maybe fire them?”

I think we forgot about our ol’ buddy Martin Luther, who was emphatic about ‘all men.’

In addition to this it makes me wonder. Do we really get scared when people are confident about their faith in God?  Is this offensive, a reason for fear, or really is it beautiful that they choose to reinforce their love for God no matter where they go? Isn’t that what America stands for?

I wonder if Lord Jesus Christ gets scared when he walks onto a plane and sees a person in Muslim garb? I doubt it. He didn’t have a spot of fear while walking towards his crucifixion.

I bet a devout Christian follower doesn’t feel fear, and if he does, he says,

‘My dear Lord Jesus Christ, please protect me from this fear, and please help me eliminate this fear from my heart because truly you are the controller and I am your puppet.’

If it was lord Jesus Christ he would probably refer to your faith being in need of reinforcement by reading the Bible, and maybe even the Koran.

A certain five year old may have referred to as a ‘Scaredy Cat’, Mr. Juan Williams. How do you feel?

But if it was Andy he would have just called you a ‘pussy’.

Turn the other Cheek!

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Lord Jesus Christ stated that we should turn the other cheek. Why is this so hard? There are so many instances in one’s life where you feel that retaliation is best. For example, one of my nearest and dearest friends passed in 911 at the World Trade Center. He was an American Born Hindu who was on his first day on the Job. He was 23 years old and was offered a high paying position in a middle-market investment firm.

When I heard this news I wanted to kill every terrorist that I could get my hands on. I realized that I didn’t know any, so this desire was not fulfilled. I was so happy when I heard that we were going to ‘smoke them out of their holes.’ But as I advanced in reading the Bible, the Koran, the Gita, and the Bhagwatam over and over again I began to realize. Perhaps this is not the best course of action. Perhaps there is power in forgiveness. Perhaps the power comes from self-control. Will God reward you your friend back. Probably not. In fact my friend has not appeared for 9 years, however remains in my heart.

So today I began to retaliate against a stalker. I posted an article for a while with plans to get back at the stalker. I wanted to state, ‘this is my day.’ Another friend of mine pointed out that by pointing out one person that happens to have chosen a certain religious path, may in fact cause the rest of the world to believe that everyone in that certain religion is that way.

I realized that defaming God’s name in any religion by giving fame to a certain person because of their lack of understanding or spiritual growth may not be good.

So back to turning the cheek. I don’t really know what the benefits are. But my conscience seems clearer. And my friends seem much happier because they feel that my energies are being spent in proactive God Consciousness.

It felt good to get back at this person for a while. But it feels right to simply pray for that person’s inner peace.

You Must Always Think About Me!

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Devotee: This is the introduction to Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

nama om visnu-padaya krsna-presthaya bhu-tale
srimate bhaktivedanta-svamin iti namine

“The Bhagavad-gita is also known as the Gitopanisad. It is the essence of the Vedic knowledge and one of the most important Upanisads in Vedic literature. There are many commentaries on the Bhagavad-gita, and the necessity for another should be explained in the following basis. An American lady asked me to recommend an English edition of the Bhagavad-gita which she could read. I was unable to do so in good conscience. Of course there are many translations, but of those I have seen, not only in America but those also in India, none can be said to be authoritative, because in almost every one of them the author has expressed his personal opinion through the commentaries without touching the spirit of the Bhagavad-gita as it is. The spirit of the Bhagavad-gita is mentioned in the Gita itself. It is like this: If we want to take a particular medicine, then we have to follow the directions written on the label of the bottle. We cannot take the medicine according to our own directions or the directions of a friend ot in knowledge of this medicine. We must follow the directions on the label or the directions of our physician. The Bhagavad-gita also should be accepted as it is directly by the speaker Himself. The speaker is Lord Sri Krsna. He is mentioned on every page as the Supreme Personality of Godhead or Bhagavan. Bhagavan sometimes means any powerful person or demigod, but here it means Krsna.”

Prabhupada: Most of you must have read some editions of Bhagavad-gita. I will give you instances. One of the English translations, commentaries by Dr. Radhakrishnan, in the Ninth Chapter the Lord says,

man-mana bhava mad-bhakto
mad-yaji mam namaskuru
mam evaisyasi kaunteya

The Lord says that “You, you just always remain thinking of Me.” That means always remain in Krsna consciousness. Simply this Krsna consciousness means some way or other you have to think of Krsna always. Some way or other you just engage yourself in some activities so that it can remind you about Krsna. That is the process.

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Love of God

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Rule number 1. I am not God.

Rule number 2. God is God.

Rule number 3. I must try to learn to love God.

A very very very very wise man once said, that the whole world is looking to love God. I believe that this is a fundamental truth. He goes on to say that all of us are really in need of love, but we are ultimately stifled by lower levels of consciousness or love. This bites.

Another very very very very wise man who was the first wise man’s boss, and may continue to be so in one way or another states that the human condition is so low that the moment a human being endeavors for his happiness outside of God consiciousness, is when a prescription for suffering begins.

This is the central tenet of all religions. We must learn to love God. Somehow, along the way we have forgotten how. If we do so then we will naturally open up our love for our fellow men. So the idea here is we love God, and concentrate on loving him. So if you love God in your Jesus way. Sounds cool.

If I love God in my Jehovah way. Sounds Cool. The problem comes in when I try to make you love God in my Jehovah way, if you are a Vaisanava. The other problem is if I believe that you are going to hell because you don’t believe in my God. So when I condemn a person in my mind, I have already started my downfall, because oh yea! Rule number 1.

We must cut our central tendency to believe that we are God. When we do achieve rule number 3. Automatically we will not have to even think about Rule number 1. and Rule number 2.

All of us. ALL of Us need love. The best way to get it is to give it. Give love to God.

So how do we learn to love God? Another post, later on.


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Burka to increase love of God.

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Five Reasons To Wear A Burka – Why

Burkas Convey Advantages To Their

Wearers   by Imran Patel

in Spirituality / Religion (submitted 2010-10-18)

Burkas have recently received a lot of controversial attention in the press, with France even proposing to ban them.

In the non-Muslim world, the term Burka is used to refer to the full body outfit that covers the wearer from head to toe, only leaving the eyes and hands exposed. However, when Muslims use the term, they are generally referring to the part that covers the hair in replacement of the headscarf.

This article shall use the popular non-Muslim definition of burka.

The Advantages of Burkas

  1. Wearing a burka can command more seriousness, respect and authority. My friend’s wife always wears one when attending important meetings, such as parents’ evenings or when meeting her landlord. In their culture, wearing a burka in a meeting will gain better results and more respect, than donning normal western dress. I guess similar to the way male city workers all have to wear suit and ties, even though ties have been show to hinder blood flow to the brain.
  2. Historically, the burka style of dress originated in desert tribes, where it functioned as a sand mask. Also, the style of dress was worn by both men and women, making them hard to tell apart. This was useful during tribal raids, as it made it harder for raiders to take women of child bearing age. While raids are not really a part of modern life, wearing a mask is useful in many situations. Many people dislike the smell of the London Underground, so a burka could help mask the smell from their delicate nostrils. In a similar way, a burka could help mask the smell of unhygienic fellow passengers.
  3. Non muslims can wear burkas to experience a different culture. A white Finnish reporter decided to done a full black <em>abaya</em> dress complete with veil, in order to experience a day in the life of a burka wearer. She received a lot more respect from Muslims, with many strangers greeting her in the street. It also helped her to feel more at peace, and the cosmetologists and hair stylists who usually harassed her with sales pitches ignored her.
  4. Burka’s are very easy to don, and are often worn as an alternative to the headscarf (hijab). Therefore, Muslim ladies will sometimes wear them when they are in a rush.
  5. Burka wearers in warmer climates can drive cars with the windows down. Some even wear them while driving convertibles.

Concluding Words

I have now shown you some reasons why women might choose to wear a Burka. With the reasons coming from the viewpoints of professional women, busy women, children and even concerned parents.

To learn more about Burkas, please read 10 Advantages of wearing a Burka. on The Agama Islam section of

About the Author

Imran Patel has been studying religion in order to understand the thoughts and ideas of his Muslim friends. He is a keen writer, and focuses on Religion, Food and Statistics. Visit to read more of Imran’s work.


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Definition of Fanatic

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S: (n) fanaticism, fanatism, zealotry (excessive intolerance of opposing views) 

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