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Tony Stark Donates $10 Billion to SIA Center at Ground Zero

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

October 25, 2010


Tony Stark Announces  the Grand Opening of his SIA center in New York at Ground Zero today announces the Stark Interfaith Alliance.

An amazingly pensive Tony Stark gathers today with some of the world’s most wealthy including Bill Gates, Larry Page, Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs among others as they each donate Billions to match in one of Tony Stark’s newer pet projects – Stark Interfaith Alliance.

In his address at this somewhat private affair, Stark talks about the importance of,

Building and tweaking and rebuilding the ‘Iron Man’ on the inside until its perfect. The moment you have the inner realization that the life in front of you is as important as your own you realize that you are on the right track.¬† It seems like a way to get everyone on the right page…The interfaith alliance is to challenge and bring together those leaders of each religious and spiritual dogma to come to a mutual understanding of how they can work together peacefully to understand God. The reason we are building this at Ground Zero is to send people like Bin Laden a message..We win…Now let’s go drink!

However, it was not all fun and games. When asked multiple times about his seemingly hypocritical creation of a weapon of destruction such as the Iron Man while at the same time finding a spiritual quotient, Stark’s reply was delivered with surgical precision,

The Iron Man is not a weapon that is used to destroy people who are serving God. It’s meant to destroy people who want to become God.

Other prominent people including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi commended Tony on this wonderful display of ‘introspection.’

Ironically entertainment ACDC’s Brian Johnson and Angus Young along with other band members opened the ceremonies with….well I guess you should just watch the video.

Pepper, Tony’s assistant offered no further comment.